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Our Infrastructure

Facilities which match the best schools in India


Shri Bankatlal Lahoti English School is an English medium school following Maharashtra State Board syllabus. The school has Primary and Secondary Sections (Std. I to X).  The students of this school are taught to think globally, by providing them quality education, emphasizing on academics, sports and cultural development. The students are groomed to excel at various avenues of learning and enhance their perception of human values.

The school building itself is an architectural marvel, built up keeping in mind the comfort of students.


There is a bright child in every child. The most important and subtle thing is to bring about the self realization in the child by providing healthy teaching learning environment. God had given all faculties to each and every being with birth. The latent faculties need loving tending or motherly nursing. We believe that culture is convenience and another name for art of living. We want our children to get acquainted with the mysteries of the present day world and master the art of living.

The need is adopt cutting edge approaches and educational aids. Developing scientific attitude, tendency to undertake observation, learn by experimentations and understand things through project methods are the mantras of present day teaching learning strategies. The knowledge of the past and present will infuse to make the dawn of tomorrow’s globe. Our n students will be the progenitor of that very era which is in making.

Aim & Objectives

“Tamaso Maa Jyotigramaya” this is our motto and for the attainment of this,
The School firmly believes in ancient Indian Culture and acts for the molding of students with a national character, with full respect and deep faith for their parents, teachers and the Motherland.


  • Develop good health-habits and buildup basic skills among children, necessary for personal adjustments.
  • Develop desirable social attitudes and manners to encourage healthy group
  • Participation and make children sensitive to the rights and privileges of others
  • Help them to develop a cheering attitude and sense of appreciation which will benefit the society.
  • Create awareness about their social responsibilities and train them to be of service at all times in their life.
  • Make them realize the value of their freedom and use it judiciously.
  • Enable them to understand them better and to instill confidence and make them useful in nation building.
  • Foster among them a positive attitude towards problem solving in academic situations.
  • Encourage them to strive towards excellence in every field, giving due consideration to the welfare and needs of their fellow beings.
  • Develop effective communication at all levels within the school community comprising of administrators, staff, students and parents.

2015 Toppers