Chairman's Desk

I am proud to state that our school has completed 36 long years of dedicated services in the field of education and service to the society. I feel pride and ecstatic for the year 2016-2017 deriving enormous contentment in putting before you the exemplary achievements of school’s staff and students under the patronage of principal.

Shri Bankatlal Lahoti English School was established 1983 by Shri Marwadi Rajasthan Shikshan Sanstha Latur dedicated to the noble cause and that is “EDUCATION”. Situated prominently in the heart of Latur, it has brought about a revolutionary change in the region’s educational scenario, diversified in leaps and bounds and has carved a niche for itself as a celebrated seat of learning.

So many curricular and extracurricular activities were organized including Kite festival, Sports Week, Dandiya Mahostav, Children’s Day, Balika Day, and Rhythm. While discussing on the result of school’s scholarship and SSC board exam, this school stand at first position in Sanstha.


The school staff members need special mention and words of praise. Most of them have consistently performed well by way of attending conferences, seminars and constantly updating their qualifications, knowledge and expertise and dedicated involvement in extracurricular activities.

Non teaching and menial staff has been contributing their efforts in all events, curricular and extracurricular with ut most dedication & honesty. My congratulations to all those who have lived up to our expectations.

Before I close I would appeal to staff and students of our school to continue with their noble work without any compromise on quality or scope for complacency. Together we would take this Sanstha to soaring heights we have only dreamt so far and continue burning the light of this humble source.