Shri. Marwadi Rajasthan Shikshan Sanstha


Establishment of Shri Marwadi Rajasthan Shikshan Sanstha dates back to the Pre-independent period i.e. the year 1940 with a background of vast experience of about 75 years in the field of education. It has been acclaimed as the unique organization. The Sanstha has grown to the full extent parenting as many as seven schools with quality assurance.

The idea of spreading education to the student community as grass root level was mooted out in 1939 in the first convention of Nizam Provincial Marwadi Samaj held in Hyderabad. It was soon followed by a mammoth meeting of Marwadi Samaj of latur on Jully5th 1940. Shri Puranmalji Lahoti, the doyen of educational institutions in his inspiring address won the hearts of all delegates.Thus, a giant step was taken towards the formation of Management Committee under the captaincy of Shri Puranmalji Lahoti.He graced the responsibility as President of  Shri Marwadi Rajasthan Shikshan Sanstha with all humility. The Sanstha parented the institutions and nurtured them with love and care.

Shri Marwadi Rajasthan Vidyalaya  established in 1940,led the rest of six institutions.Puranmalji  Lahoti School is one vital among the others. The Sanstha championed the cause of girls education that led to the rise of Godavari Lahoti Kanyashala.The School next to spring up is Godavari Lahoti Pathshala. Shri Rajasthan Primary school was started to meet the growing demand for standered education. Realizing the ever growing demand for English medium schools of high standered, the sanstha readily responded with the inception of Shri Bankatlal Lahoti Enlish School in 1983.Another mile stone in the history of the sanstha is to start an innovative school with C.B.S.E. syllabus naming it Raja Narayanlal Lahoti English School, first of its kind. There is no end point to progress. Much more is awaited. Childhood is the foundation stone upon which stands the whole life structure. In the process of human growth, proper guidance along with environmental learning is important. So the management floated an idea that they have to create a new world for tiny tots named it Smt.Surajkunwardevi Lahoti Creative Kids. The Sanstha besides starting schools nurtured them to achieve the targets set by the founder members. With dedication, determination and devotion the sanstha is on success incessantly in winning the hearts of the parents.

Shri. Bankatlalji Lahoti


Shri Bankatlalji Lahoti was born in a pious family in Hipperga of Ausa Taluka in 1883. The parents Shri Surajmalji Lahoti and Saw.Jhamkubai were blesses with five children, the eldest being Shri Bankatlalji followed by the birth of three daughters and the youngest son, Shri Puranmalji Lahoti.

Shri Bankatlalji was married in 1897 at the age of 14 to Godawaridevi, the daughter of Shri Meghrajji Wala Baldawa.

Shri Bankatlalji was a well known businessman. His business was headquartered in Gulbarga. The business centers were extended to Hyderabad, Latur, Sulepeth, Nanded, Hingoli and certain regions of Karnataka. His brotherly love to Puranmalji was unparalleled and was equally reciprocated by the other. Shri Puranmalji was far-sighted figure in social activities and was supported by all means, more so financially by Shri Bankatlalji. He was reserved in his talk. He was a noted businessman with all qualities of honesty, integrity and candor.  He took been interest in lending a strong support to his dear brother Puranmaji in his social activities.

Sadly, Shri Bankatlalji passed away on 21st February 1956. Great men never die but always leave their footprints on sands of time. In early 1980 the Sanstha decided to establish as English medium school to prepare students to face global challenges of the age of Information Technology.

Then the management under the chairmanship of Shri Narayanlalji Lahoti named new school under its aegis as Shri Bankatlal Lahoti English School to pay him glowing tributes and commemorate the philanthropic personality.


Shri Bankatlal Lahoti English School



On one fine day in a sunny atmosphere in the management floated an idea that they have to institute an English Medium School under their patronage. The idea gained momentum when the parents in Latur also felt the inadequacy of English medium school imparting quality education. The management never shirked its responsibility to the society. It felt that English medium schools can help the students to have an easy access to the Information Technology. Very soon maiden efforts were made in this regard. The school was named Shri Bankatlal Lahoti English School, after the well known philanthropist.

High targets were set viz. The individual should be helped to realize his utmost potentialities, he should be enabled to find his proper relation with his social group and his nation, and he should be encouraged to find his place in the global human community. In the initial stage, the school building was tin roofed; a simple building located in the rear of our sister concern, Shri Marwadi Rajasthan Vidyalaya. It was the humble beginning. Years rolled on. The parents instilled confidence in the unfailing efforts of the management and brought it to the coveted heights of glory.

This could not have been attained without the helping hand of many well wishers. The management could enlist the noble services of a team of dedicated personalities. The team includes late Babasaheb Paranjpe, Col. Tandale, the then Dy. Superintendent of Police Shri Arup Patnaik the then District Collector Shri Umeshchandra Sarangi and late Bharatlalji Bajpai and others.

A commendable job was done by the principals of the school to raise the standard of the school and sincere efforts are on for further improvement by the Principal in office. The school is committed to dispel the darkness of ignorance and lead the community to the light of knowledge.

Tam so maa Jyotirgamaya