Every society strives on ideals it has set for its members. Our institute aims to create cultured citizens of the country. To achieve this, school functions are organized in such a way that creates pathways of learning and character building. In this, house activities play a pivotal role. The selection of house names indicates our philosophy of work. Students are divided into four houses namely Agni- Fire, Jal- Water, Prithvi- Earth and Akash- Sky with the objectives of inculcating the qualities these four basic elements stand for i.e. Adventure and courage from Earth, Radiance & guiding qualities from fire, ever reaching, Omni solvent, unending quest of success from water and limitlessness from the Sky.



Agni-Fire destroys darkness and shows path of enlightening, still retains the same potential. It is conducive for right tasks as well as uproots the evil things. It is the embodiment of light, grace and radiance. It become brightening flame in the darkness, engulfs the evil and destroys everything that comes in its sway but the same fire gives warmth in cold and becomes saviour in difficulties. Students in the house will spread like sparks and destroy the evils in society with their radiance.

Jal-Water is the basic element of life. Life without water is impossible. Where there is water, there is life. On heating it turns into vapour and occupies the entire sky in form of clouds. Water is colourless. It indicates waters purity. It absorbs all the qualities present in different elements available on the earth. Water without minerals is baseless but the excess of minerals makes it unfit for drinking and the right proportionate minerals in it add the taste to it. The students of house like water will evolve their personality with right blend of qualities from all walks of the life and will bring glory to the society. Water has the spirit of consistency, with it, it breaks all the barriers and flows, similarly our students will find out their way of success in life.

Prithvi-Earth is the only planet that supports life and seems to be made for the some. A seed in its womb come out in form of sapling and takes the giant form of tree like banyan just to bring cheers in others life. Like a seed, every child will get the immense potentiality development opportunities in school so that his/her life becomes a support system for other members of society.

Akash-Sky is the endless dome that houses the entire universe, our solar family. All other elements of life – water, air, fire and soil take their shape in a whole being under the tutelage of sky. Water evaporates due to heat, goes up.