In Library: Various works and activities are taken under guidance of librarian which is as follows:

  1. In morning daily one student is made for Importance of the day/ History events during Assembly. Every day students are informed the history events happening each day during Assembly.
  2. Library periods are taken. In which Std I to IV students are told to read picture reading book and various kinds of stories. Many songs and Library prayer is also taken.

In a week, students from Std V to VIII are given one period each for issuing favorite books. Every student has permission to keep the book with him/her for 7 days. For Std IX & X library and provided with book of their interest. At a time they can take 2 books and can change them too a week.

In other free periods taken by librarian teachers, they give importance of reading books. They give many story books to read.

  1. Library Day
  2. Reading Inspiration Day
  3. Library Day: On the occasion of Library Day guests from outside are called. The work and various activities information are given to students. There are speeches on reading importance of books read by me, my favorite writer, importance of library, etc. The Best Reader Award is given to students. Two students from V to VII and VIII to X are selected for award on the basis of books read, interest in reading books, reading habits, behavior in library. The paper cutting project on various topics is inaugurated.
  4. Reading Inspiration Day: On the Reading Inspiration Day there is exhibition of newly added books class was reading activity is taken. In every class books are given to every one in which they are asked to write about moral read by them in various stories. One basis of this write one student Std V to VIII awarded.