Science Lab

Shri Bankatlal Lahoti English School’s Science Department (Lab) is providing all that necessary support to all the students to achieve their full potential in learning science by giving them a well equipped composite lab for Biology, Physcis and Chemistry.

 We are motivating students to become a best learner of science. In Science lab students actively involved in their own learning by giving them necessary guidance.

They also enjoy learning about Science and find the interest, challenge and fulfillment. Through the Science lab we encourage students to become scientifically literate member of society by improving their knowledge and understanding of Science.

Science lab develops students scientific skills such as curiosity, objectivity and perseverance and by exposure to scientific processes such as observing, criticizing and evaluating information.

Science department support whole school policy to raise achievement, interest and enjoyment of Science through continued professional development sharing of good practice including resources and collective planning.