Rules & Regulations

  1. The student should strictly obey the instructions given by the Director from time to time.
  2. Student will be expelled from the Institute if found disobeying the orders of the Principal & Faculty.
  3. The student should be regular in attendance and his/her attendance for the day shall be marked only when he/she is present for all the sessions during the day.  Minimum 75% attendance is compulsory for grant of term.  If the student is found irregular in attendance, he/she is expelled from the institute.
  4. The student is required to submit the assignments, case studies, participation in the seminar; failing which he/she shall be subject to disciplinary action.
  5. The vehicles should be parked on a place notified and the vehicles parked elsewhere i.e., other than parking zone shall be confiscated.
  6. Student should drive safely inside the campus as well as outside the campus.
  7. The student should carry identity card with him regularly and the identity card should be produced when demanded by the authority of the institute.
  8. The student found guilty of an act of misconduct either in the institute or outside shall be subjected to strict disciplinary action and may be expelled from the institute.
  9. The student should not cause any damage to the Institute’s property.  The damage caused shall be recovered from the student immediately.  At the end of year review will be taken about damages to school property, & students have to compensate the damages found during the year.
  1. The attendance for the Assignment, Case Studies, and Seminars is compulsory.
  2. The student showing consistently poor performance in the internal Evaluation.
  3. If the student is found weak in certain subjects he/she will have to attend extra classes as notified and make the required progress to come at par with the other students.
  4. Strict silence should be observed in the Library. Loitering in the corridors is strictly prohibited.
  5. The students coming late shall not be allowed to enter the class.
  6. The student should read the notices displayed on the notice board regularly and the institute will not be responsible for the loss or any disadvantages due to negligence of not reading notices on the part of the student.
  7. Use of cell phones/cameras/camera phones is prohibited in the campus.

The above rules of discipline are always subject to change, modification, addition, omission or alteration as and when the Director feels if fit and proper and the decisions of the Director shall be final.